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Anniversary pineapple

Giacomo Bevanati

Giacomo has always been intrigued by the visual play between volume and light, playing with transparencies to engage the eye in interesting ways. With a background in architecture he has a deep understanding of the technical and structural aspects connected to materials and 3D modelling. But after working in this field for 6 months, Giacomo soon realized that architecture was not for him. He wanted to make things with his hands!

When it came to choosing the material to work with, he was drawn to the simple yet shiny properties that wire offered him. He was also fascinated by the idea of making art with a cheap, everyday use material. He began exploring brass and steel wire, discovering how the weight, the tensions and the structure of the mesh all come together to create unique sculptures and pieces that tell the story of how he sees the world. By changing the direction of the wire he can create any volume he sets his heart on. He never makes a mesh to wrap around a 3D shape, but rather creates his pieces as if they were a buildings- using the innate strength of the material to create curvature and shapes. To make his wire sculptures, Giacomo uses only very basic tools such as clippers to cut the wire and round nose pliers to turn the wire. The sculptures are made through continuous weavings of wire; the links unfold in his hands following no pattern or model.

The artefacts that Giacomo produces are as unique as his journey as an artist. He is inspired by memories of the past but also by the ever-changing present of a city like London, where he is based. The vibrant art scene and street life connect him to new trends and lifestyles. Well known for his sculptures of everyday objects such as “Pot – UnContainer- a beautiful wire mesh teapot, and his stunning “Anniversary Pineapple”, Giacomo also holds a fascination for pieces that can be worn.

In particular he has taken an interest in creating masks. Inspired and devoted to surrealism, Giacomo pushes the boundaries as he aims to change the concept of what a mask is and what it symbolises. René Magritte is his biggest reference. No longer something used to hide, or to change who you are, his wire masks are translucent and therefore allow a part of your personality to still shine through.

Giacomo has been a part of exhibitions such as “Tasty and Smelly” in Tate Modern (London, 2017) and the Biennale di Venezia during “Anima Mundi Festival” (Venice, 2017). In 2018 his work was featured in the documentary “Metal Love” that was presented at the East End Film Festival, and in the exhibition “Art in Mind” at the Brick Lane Gallery, as well as other exhibition in Hong Kong and Cologne.


Metal Love – Documentary

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