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Green and environmentally-friendly material processing and manufacturing are key for the future of sustainable material development. These practices aim to work alongside the regenerative, self-replenishing capabilities of natural ecosystems. Green manufacturing encompasses synthesis, fabrication and process optimization, but also testing, performance evaluation and reliability.

Products available through the Goodfellow Green Production initiative are the result of environmentally sound processes that conserve energy and natural resources. The Green range of materials strike the right balance between product quality, technical capability and environmental awareness. The sustainable manufacturing methods used have a reduced carbon footprint, therefore a lower impact on our planet. Most of these materials are bio-based and biodegradable, with the ability to decompose naturally, whether they are exposed to soil, compost or marine sediments. These are also non-toxic, which makes them ideal for a range of medical or environmentally driven applications.

View our Green Production brochure for more information.

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