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Aluminium Honeycomb

Honeycomb 20mm

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Aluminium Honeycomb Properties

Aluminium honeycomb is a lightweight, recyclable material that offers maximum stiffness and one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any structural core material available. It has extremely good mechanical properties, including compression, shear and corrosion resistance. It performs well in different environments, withstanding elevated temperatures, and is resistant to fire and fungus as well as moisture.

This material can be easily machined and formed. It can be customised depending on its applications. The honeycomb density can be modified depending on the thickness that can vary from 3 to 1000 mm, and the cell size that can go from 2 to 25 mm.

Aluminium Honeycomb Applications

As a core material for sandwich panels, Aluminium sandwich construction has been recognised as unique material for the structural design of lightweight transportation systems such as aircraft, high-speed trains and fast ships.

It is sold perforated or non-perforated. These micro perforations allow airflow among cells when needed. It can also be found as an unexpanded block, or slices, and as expanded sheets and expanded drilled honeycomb.


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