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Aluminium/Magnesium/Silicon Tube

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Aluminium/Magnesium Silicon Tube Properties and Applications

Aluminium/Magnesium/Silicon tube is cast from a metal alloy, whose most significant component is Aluminium. Magnesium and Silicon occupy trace quantities, or small percentages, in this alloy. Pure aluminium is rarely found in its pure form, nor is it suited to more structural applications in its pure state. Therefore the addition of alloying elements to aluminium is the principal method used to produce a selection of materials suited to a wide range of structural applications.

The addition of Magnesium and Silicon to Aluminium produces the compound Magnesium-Silicide (Mg2Si). The formation of this compound provides Aluminium/Magnesium/Silicon alloys their heat treatability.  The alloys can then be efficiently and economically extruded, and for this reason, are used in an extensive selection of extruded shapes. Typical applications for forms cast from Aluminium/Magnesium Silicon alloys are handrails, drive shafts, scaffolding, automotive frame sections, bicycle frames, tubular lawn furniture, stiffeners, and braces used on trucks or boats.


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