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Aluminium Sheet-Disc

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Aluminium Sheet-Disc Properties and Applications

Sheet is the most widely used format of industrial Aluminium, which along with Aluminium plates, can be recycled continuously without the loss of its properties. It is seen in diverse products and applications such as the skins of airplanes, panels for automotive bodies, packaging such as cans and caps, and on building facades. Aluminium sheet-disc material is also commonly used in home appliances and cookware, which are renowned for even their heat distribution and durability.

When Aluminium metal is passed between rolls under pressure, it becomes thinner and longer in the direction of movement. This simple process is the basis for producing Aluminium as a sheet, plate, and foil. Aluminium from 0.008 inches to less than 0.25 inches in thickness is considered sheet material, while thinner gauges are considered foil, and Aluminium that is 0.250 inches or thicker is considered plate material. Aluminium sheet-disc is used widely because it can be anodized to hundreds of colours, and be either polished or etched to many finishes.



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