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Brass (Cu70/Zn30)

Brass (Cu70/Zn30)

Brass is a bright, metallic alloy of Copper and Zinc. The proportions of zinc and copper can vary to create different types of brass alloys, with diverse mechanical and electrical properties.

Brass is used decoratively, for its gold-like appearance; for applications where low friction is needed, such as in locks, gears, doorknobs, bearings, ammunition valves and casings; and in brass musical instruments such as horns and bells, where a combination of durability and high workability is desired. Brass is often used in electrical and plumbing applications, and in situations where it is essential that sparks are not struck–such as in fittings near explosive or flammable materials.


  • Decorative interior elements
  • Low friction components such as locks, gears and bearings
  • Ammunition casings and valves
  • Musical instruments

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