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Copper Tape

Foil 0.1mm

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Copper foil tape can be sourced in two formats; with or without conductive adhesive on the back. The non-conductive adhesive is widely used against slug infestations; therefore, it can usually be found in any garden centre or hardware shop. What makes the conductive adhesive tape so interesting is that it conducts electricity on both the top and bottom of the surface. This means that you can easily make electrical connections by attaching one piece of copper tape to another. However, while this technique works, it is not as durable as using continuous lines of copper tape. And yet, it is still more efficient that non-conductive adhesive copper tape. If you make a connection with this tape, the electrical connection will be unreliable. As copper tape can be soldered, a way to overcome this issue is to fuse the tape together or at least to fold the edges over so that there is copper on both sides.

Conductive tape is one of the easiest ways to explore and test ideas and prototypes, highly used in education to create simple paper circuits and experiments with light. It is easier to use than conductive paint and inking methods and creates strong connections between components.


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