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Diamond Foil

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Till now diamond foils have not been created in larger sizes, or at a greater scale, however, researchers at the Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg (FAU) have recently come a step closer to the goal of creating large diamond foils for practical applications. In a test reactor, they succeeded in producing the world’s largest diamond foil, which has a diameter of 28 centimeters.

With researchers demonstrating diamond foil manufacturing processes on a larger scale, this opens up opportunities for coating industrial components directly, and in a more cost effective way. These industrial components can include wear-resistant layers for mechanical seals in pumps, as well as the production of stable diamond electrodes for highly efficient water purification and disinfection systems. These innovative diamond electrode systems are currently used for washing and disinfecting oranges after harvesting them, in southern Europe, removing putrefying bacteria from the surface of the fruit while saving up to 80% water. In the future, this technology could be used on container ships or in sewage treatment plants. Diamond electrodes may even help washing machines to keep clothes clean and fresh at significantly lower temperatures. Diamond foil may also applied to a flexible, adhesive backing sheet, for ease of use, which can be glued to different sized tools and cut to size.


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