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Diamonds are not only considered valuable, they are also virtually indestructible. They are one of the hardest natural materials known. Unfortunately, coating substrates directly with crystalline diamond is only possible on a limited range of materials. Therefore it is not surprising that producing diamond foils has become a key area of research in materials science, particularly as such layers of Diamond foil have extreme hardness and wear resistance, along with exceptional chemical inertness and thermal conductivity.

Any substrate material can be coated with diamond film by means of a suitable joining method. Extremely hard and smooth diamond foils can, when applied, protect substrate surfaces against wear. It has already been seen that diamond foils can offer 100% protection to water turbines, which are exposed to erosion from sand. In addition to being used as the ultimate wear protection in industrial applications, diamond foils are being researched for their use in thermoelectric power generation–an emerging market.


  • Wear protection for industrial components
  • Diamond Electrodes–for water purification and disinfection

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