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E-Glass / Epoxy Resin, or Borosilicate Glass Reinforced Epoxy Composites are extremely strong materials used in roofing, automobiles, and pipes.

E-Glass or electrical grade glass was originally developed for stand off insulators for electrical wiring. It was later found to have excellent fibre forming capabilities and is now used almost exclusively as the reinforcing phase in the material commonly known as fibreglass. The use of E-Glass as the reinforcement material in polymer matrix composites is extremely common. Optimal strength properties are gained when straight, continuous fibres are aligned parallel in a single direction. To promote strength in other directions, laminate structures can be constructed, with continuous fibres aligned in other directions. Such structures are used in storage tanks and the like. Random direction matts and woven fabrics are also commonly used for the production of composite panels, surfboards and other similar devices.


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