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Foam 6.35mm

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Fecralloy® is the registered trademark of the UK Atomic Energy Authority (Now AEA Technology, Harwell). It is an Iron-Chromium-Aluminium steel containing Yttrium making it a versatile alloy that is suitable for use over 1400°C. Fecralloy® is available as foam, foil, lumps, rods, tubes, sheets or wire and is used mainly for electrical elements in both industrial and domestic applications. Industrial applications vary from small laboratory kilns to heavy-duty heat-treatment furnaces under all types of atmospheres. Bars are used for electrical elements, and fuel cells. Strips are used for industrial resistors and rheostats in electric trains. And tubes are generally used for thermocouple covers in furnaces and fuel cells applications. Currently, Fecralloy® is being used for many new projects and applications due to the potential of its properties such as: longer high temperature life, greater oxidation resistance, improved form stability and performance capabilities up to 1400 degrees C.


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