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FEP – Flurinated Ethylene Propylene Copolymer Monifiliment

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FEP is the cost-effective brother of PTFE, which was developed as a melt processable alternative. As such, it inherits all the chemical resistance and non-stick properties of PTFE while offering the ability to be extruded and thermoformed. Compared to PTFE, it is transparent, slightly softer, and melts at a lower temperature. These are properties that are useful when applied as a coating to cookware and bakeware. Being extremely cost effective and due to its characteristics, FEP is ideal in applications that require high electrical breakdown voltage, chemical resistance, UV transmission, and longevity of use. FEP is resistant to sunlight, so it is good for all weather applications, such as outdoor wiring and equipment. An FEP film can be used to protect molds during the curing process. It prevents the curing adhesive from bonding to the metal tooling. Due to its flexibility, it is also often used for plastic labware and tubing that involves highly corrosive processes. Another key property is that it is non-toxic and has an FDA approval.


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