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Granulated Glass Foam

Glass Foam is a low-carbon construction material made from waste glass; it comes in granular form and is used into the foundations of domestic and commercial buildings. It is lightweight, yet extremely strong and an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. Glass foam aggregate is made from 100% waste glass – glass that is no longer recyclable and would otherwise go to landfill. The way it is made is by heating a mixture of crushed or granulated glass and a blowing agent, such as carbon or limestone. Near the melting point of the glass, the blowing agent releases a gas, producing a foaming effect in the glass. After cooling, the mixture hardens into a rigid material where the gas-filled closed-cell pores conform a large portion of its volume. Foamed glass insulation aggregate is used in the same way as coated clay aggregate but is capable of being used as a load bearing hardcore. It also offers better insulation. The uniformed grain size offers the highest degree of drainage capacity without causing settlement to the building. Glass foam provides excellent fire protection by preventing thermal conductivity and behaves as a frost shield instead of a frost barrier. It can be placed in any weather conditions.


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