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Indium Foil

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Indium Foil

Indium foil has the typical properties other metal foils exhibit. However, compared to other foils, indium foil has some exciting characteristics worth recognition. These characteristics are what makes indium foil the material of choice as a thermal interface material. It is soft and malleable with high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. It is also recyclable and resistant to oxidation.

Indium foil and indium sheet are regularly used as an extremely efficient heat sink for high temperature and cryogenic applications. A heatsink is a device or substance for absorbing excessive or unwanted heat. It is typically a metallic part that is attached to a device releasing heat, with the aim of transferring that heat to a surrounding fluid in order to prevent the device overheating.

The semiconductor industry finds indium useful in the synthesis of semiconductor materials for the manufacture of thin film solar cells. A principal use is in the forming of electrodes for touchscreens and liquid crystal displays. A transparent conductive coating of Indium oxide and Indium tin oxide is applied as a substrates to glass in the manufacture of electroluminescent panels. Indium is especially suited to being used in vacuum systems due to its sealing properties and as bonding material in acoustic transducers.

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