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Palladium/Copper Foil

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Palladium/Copper Foil

Palladium alloys provide an excellent way around pure Palladium’s tendency to crack under stress. By combining palladium with more malleable metals, the material can be softened enough to prevent cracking. In addition to being more crack resistant, popular palladium alloys are also cheaper than pure palladium, reducing their cost of application.

A prominent application for Palladium alloys is in hydrogen recovery. They represent the main, dense metals favoured today for membranes used in the selective permeation of hydrogen at temperatures less than 500°C. Palladium alloys are also being used for crown and bridge constructions by dental technicians. The price of palladium, significantly less than either gold or platinum, ensures that palladium-based alloys are more economical for dentistry. As a metal, has excellent tarnish/corrosion resistance and biocompatibility in the oral environment.

Foils of Palladium Copper–one such alloy of Palladium–in particular, are being used for hydrogen purification– for the reforming of hydrocarbons within fuel cells. These foils can act as membranes for purification, and help in the recovery of hydrogen.


  • Catalytic converters for automobile exhausts
  • Dentistry and medicine
  • Hydrogen purification
  • Jewellery

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