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Palladium/Nickel Mesh

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Palladium alloys provide an excellent way around pure Palladium’s tendency to crack under stress. By combining palladium with more malleable metals, the material can be softened enough to prevent cracking. In addition to being more crack resistant, popular palladium alloys are also cheaper than pure palladium, reducing their cost of application.

This alloy of palladium consists of roughly 70-80% Palladium and 20–30% Nickel. Palladium-nickel plating services promote this alloy as a much more stress-resistant option to palladium, one that is less susceptible to cracking. Palladium-nickel is also far more resistant to heat and galvanic corrosion than the original metal, while offering reduced porosity and excellent solder-ability.

Palladium Nickel mesh is used in filtration. It is also used as a capture mesh for platinum recovery, in ammonia oxidation apparatus.


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