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Polyamide Nylon 12

Nylon is the designation for a family of synthetic polymers, and broadly denotes a silky, widely used engineering thermoplastic material that can be melt-processed into fibers, sheets, films or shapes. The material offers an excellent combination of mechanical performance and cost, and there are many grades of Nylon available today, among them Nylon 12.

Nylon 12 is a low water absorbing nylon, which exhibits excellent chemical resistance, and can accept a high loading of fillers into its polymer. It does, however, have lower heat resistance, and has a higher cost associated with it than other types of nylons. Nylon 12 finds use as an insulating material in electronics, as a bulking agent in the cosmetics industry, and in the sporting and leisure goods industry.


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Chemical Resistance
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Low Heat Resistance
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Low Water Absorbing