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Polyaramid Composite Honeycomb

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Polyaramid (Polymetaphenylene isophthalamide) paper when composed in a network of regular hexagonal cells, creates a lightweight, yet structural material. Any structure which required exceptional stiffness, as well as minimal weight gain, can benefit from the use of Polyaramid honeycomb material. The honeycomb material is suitable for use as a structural core material in advanced composites, ‘sandwich’ panels and laminates.

Available in varying densities, cell sizes, and other properties, the material is well suited to the commercial aerospace market. It has been used extensively in aerospace applications such as cabinets, lockers, and bulkheads as well, as well as in high-performance motorsports such as Formula 1 and WRC.

In addition to the aerospace, Polyaramid honeycomb is widely used in a sandwiched construction for a broad range of industrial applications–from boat hulls and train interiors to sports equipment and car body panels. The material also has excellent energy absorption characteristics and is useful for automotive crash test barriers.


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