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Polyaramid Fibre

Polyaramid Fibre

Aramid fibre is a synthetic fibre in which the fibre-forming substance is a long-chain synthetic polyamide. Aramid fibres offer excellent physical and chemical properties at high temperatures and are considered high-performance fibres. Nomex and Kevlar are well-known trade names of the aramid fibre owned by DuPont; Twaron and Technora are aramid fibres manufactured by Teijin.

Aramid fibres are best suited for applications where toughness is required. They have low flammability, high tenacity, and resistance to stretch or fatigue, high resistance to most chemicals or solvents, and to high temperature. They are 43% lighter than fibreglass, twice as strong as E- glass, and ten times as strong as aluminium.

Because of these properties, aramid fibres are widely used in making body armour. Aramid fibres are also used as reinforcing material for several composites, including materials intended for boat and aircraft parts.


  • Making body armour
  • Reinforcement for composite materials
  • Strengthening compound curves
  • Aerospace construction
  • Train and boat interiors
  • High performance motorsports
  • Automobile body panels
  • Crash test barriers

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