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Polyhydroxyalkaonate Biopolymer Granule

Granules 4mm

Polyhydroxyalkanoates or PHA are a class of natural polyesters that are derived from bacterial fermentation. Microorganisms synthesize polyesters in nutrient-deficient conditions, and these PHAs can then be harvested. PHAs are both bio-based and biodegradable; they will decompose whether they are exposed to soil, compost, or marine sediment. When melted they are less “sticky” than traditional polymers. They are water insoluble and relatively resistant to hydrolytic degradation as well as having good ultraviolet resistance, although poor resistance to acids and bases. Because they are biocompatible and non toxic they are ideal for medical applications. They can be created from renewable sources, PHAs in particular are made naturally by specific bacteria, such as Pseudomonas Putida and Cupriavidus Necator. Looking forward, the potential also exists that PHAs will be involved in “wearable” internal technology applications.

* This product is part of the Green Production range.


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