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Shapal™ Hi-M Soft Machinable Aluminium Nitride Ceramic

Rod 20mm

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SHAPAL™Hi-M soft, developed by Tokuyama Corporation, is a machinable ceramic which offers both high mechanical strength and thermal conductivity. It is the world’s first translucent aluminium nitride ceramic. It is a composite sintered body of Aluminium Nitride and Boron Nitride. Shapal™ is different than most ceramic materials in that it is not brittle or hard, allowing limitless applications in the vacuum and nuclear industries. It has zero porosity, low gassing rates, is not affected by most etch plasmas or ionizing radiation and easily joins to its self or other materials. The raw material is first cast and fired in blocks and along with the composition and furnace procedure enables the finished ceramic to be turned with conventional metal working tooling. This fact, with Shapal™ ‘s unique thermal and electrical properties make it an ideal material for semiconductor and surface science components and fixtures. It is slightly more difficult to machine than Macor, but surface finishes can easily be achieved. It is available as rods, sheets and finished components.


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