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Silicon Nitride Reaction Bonded Sphere (Pre Packed)

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Silicon Nitride is an ideal material for bearing parts. Silicon Nitride spheres, as bearing balls have already been applied in the automotive, aerospace and defense industries–in automobiles, rockets, high-speed engines, equipment for corrosive environments, and in performance-model cars. Compared with steel, high performance ceramic balls of RBSN have better mechanical properties under high temperature and can withstand most corrosive chemicals. Silicon Nitride spheres have high wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction.

Silicon Nitride is lightweight, has a much lower density and weight than steel– it weighs 60% less–which reduces centrifugal force, skidding and wear under high speed and acceleration. This, along with its superior surface finish, makes Silicon Nitride spheres a sought-after and high-performing replacement to steel bearings.


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Thermal shock resistant