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Silver Mesh

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Applications for silver mesh can be found in the battery industry, as well as the electrical, and in the production of fuel cells. It is used as a filter as it has a higher surface area per weight compared to foil. The higher the surface to weight ratio, the better the chemical reach and it’s reaction with other materials.

Silver woven wire mesh is manufactured from pure silver wire and it is woven into square meshes of both plain and twill weave. Silver woven wire mesh has outstanding electric and heat transfer conductivity, making it is better than a nickel woven wire mesh and any other metal woven wire mesh. It is also known for being very lightweight, even more than titanium and FeCrAL- iron/chromium/aluminium – alloy. Good heat transfer performance, as well as good ductility are also key properties that a silver mesh offers.

A silver woven wire mesh can be used as a battery collector mesh, electrodes and battery skeleton mesh. It can also be used as the filtration material for high precision filtration equipment. Silver woven wire mesh has a wide application in electronic industry, electric power industry, aerospace and other industries.


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