Silver Steel

Rod 2mm

Silver steel is a very overlooked material in the industrial world. Not many people know what it is or what it’s for, but it’s probably one of the most used items in all machinery. Silver steel gets its name for the mirror like silvery finish it has, although in fact there is no silver in it. The proper chemical makeup of silver steel mostly comprises of iron, but with carbon, chromium, silicon and manganese added. This gives it very high corrosion resistance as well as high strength. The uses of silver steel are varied. It is most commonly used for the main shafts of hand tools like screwdrivers and punches. It can also be used for non-cylindrical items such as straight razors, axe heads and even complicated shapes such as model parts and engraving tools.

Essentially, any tool you can think of can be made from silver steel, along with any sort of fastener, pin, handle, and riser. The high carbons content of silver steel means that it can be hardened to give considerable wear resistance and the chromium content increases strength and hardenability.


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