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Vitreous Carbon


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Carbon comes in many forms and there is no other element that can take on so many different appearances, properties and morphologies. We are familiar with carbon as diamond and carbon as graphite, two forms with dramatically different properties. Carbon can also be prepared in the glassy state, sometimes called the vitreous state. Glassy carbon or vitreous carbon is a non-graphitizing carbon, which combines glassy and ceramic properties with those of graphite. Unlike graphite, glassy carbon has a fullerene-related microstructure. This leads to a great variety of unique materials properties. When the glassy carbon is fractured, it exhibits the fracture face that is characteristic of a glassy material. Glassy carbon has a range of properties and applications that makes it a new and exciting material for research and production applications. It is impermeable to gas and liquids and has hardness and strength that resembles ceramic. The surface can also be polished to achieve a black mirror reflective finish. Vitreous Carbon is a high purity material, which is corrosion resistant as well as demonstrating good resistance to thermal shock.


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