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Woods Metal – Lump

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Woods Metal – Lump

Fusible alloys are alloys that melt at low temperatures. Wood’s metal is one of them. It is a mixture of 50% bismuth, 25% lead, 12.5% tin, and 12.5% cadmium and it melts at a temperature of 158° Fahrenheit (70° Celsius). Wood’s metal is named after the American metallurgist, B. Wood. The combination of these four different metals forms a eutectic alloy in which the melting point is lower than each of the materials’ individual melting points. Because this silvery shiny grey alloy melts at 70°C it is usually found in fire sprinkler valves; in the event of a fire, the valve melts and allows water to flow out of the system. Among other applications, Wood’s metal is often used as a low-melting solder and as a casting metal. It is also used as a filler when bending metallic tubes, as it can be easily removed by being heated in boiling water. Due to its lead and cadmium content this material is toxic, and it is thought to be harmful when coming in to contact with skin and it is also expensive. The simplest method of preparation is to heat the metals, in small pieces, in a crucible, stirring constantly, as soon as fusion begins, with a stick of hard wood. The metal can be bent, hammered, and turned.


  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Medical Gas Cylinders
  • Thin Metal Tube Filler

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