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Materiality: The Transition Group

Materiality: The Transition Group

Materiality: The Transition Group

This exhibition is a collaboration between three entities.

Goodfellow is the sponsor for the event. Established in 1946 Goodfellow is well known as a specialist supplier of metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers and other materials. With no minimum order quantity, to meet the research, development and specialist production requirements of science and industry worldwide.

Transition is a unique art collective of graduates from the University of Creative Arts, that works with a range of materials from textiles, and glass to metal and ceramics.

MaterialDriven is a design agency and materials library in London that will be curating the display, where Transition will be exhibiting. With a curated range of materials in the collection, the team’s expertise lie in locating and sourcing innovative materials, as well as understanding applications, and impact across industries.

How we work together:

Over the past few months, MaterialDriven has been nurturing a relationship between the technical material company Goodfellow and the art collective Transition. Goodfellow has been supporting the Transition collective with materials for them to explore and use in their artwork. The exhibition will reflect the results of this collaboration.

Materiality explores ways to push the boundaries of traditional craft through the innovative, concept driven use of materials. In collaboration with Goodfellow and  design agency, MaterialDriven, the art collective, Transition, will show how art can be a potent catalyst for dialogue and reflection.

Process leads design in Materiality, which showcases the innovative recent work of the art collective Transition. The thirteen artists have regularly exhibited together since 2018 and explore the physical nature and properties of traditional, technical and innovative materials.   

Transition continues to break new ground, blur boundaries between disciplines and test our conventional ideas of craft. Maintaining a focus on high levels of skill and artistic concept, our makers work in woven textiles, fibre, jewellery, ceramics, metalwork and glass. 

A coherent ethos relating to sustainability, quality and the promotion of a constantly evolving practice is evident in a commitment to strong, conceptual narratives which underpin the individual work produced.  


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