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Case Study

Street Art

Plastic Jesus

Los Angeles-based anonymous street artist Plastic Jesus works with a versatile and vast palette. His street art consists of both stencilled and freehand painted works on the one hand, and three dimensional in-situ installations on the other. There are also gallery or collector-aimed sculptures–using mixed media–and canvas-based works, in addition to a range of apparel products that the artist creates.

For his mixed media sculptures and installations, he works artfully with a whole range of materials, with a selection as diverse as wood, metal, glass, mirrors, cast acrylic resins, paints, concrete, canvas, and even textiles, among others. Among his most famous works are his Academy Award Sculptures–a series of tongue-in-cheek statues installed in Hollywood, his Veuve Clicquot fire extinguishers, his Banksy-inspired Band Aid Balloons in cast acrylic resin, both 3D and 2D works in various sizes that display his iconic message “Stop Making Stupid People Famous”, and countless street artworks.

A common theme unites Plastic Jesus’ large and varied body of work however–a satirical style of communication, which calls on humour, irony, and criticism, all linking back to the subjects of world news, culture, politics and the environment today.

A former photojournalist for 20 plus years, Plastic Jesus’ work is embedded with both opinions and facts that help shine a light on significant issues in our world today. This is done in a manner that engage all those who see his art, and provokes them to question norms or perceptions, and expand their awareness.

The artist has an extremely ethical approach to his work, especially his street art–these works are temporary and are removed after some months with little or no impact on the walls or spaces they inhabited. On the other hand, building owners who object to his art on their street-facing property can ask for it to be removed, and a member from the Plastic Jesus team will remove the artwork in question without hesitation.

Most recently though, Plastic Jesus has tapped into his skills, his engineering background, aesthetics, his 1000-sqft workshop space, and his network for the creation of essential PPE for front-line hospital workers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has been in short supply around the world, and health care workers have been unable to access enough of it despite their daily role in high risk situations. Focusing his efforts on face shields, Plastic Jesus is working with Laser Gnomes, a Los Angeles company who specialise in precision laser cutting and engraving. For the material needed for these shield, he is working with sheets of clear PET–a material that Goodfellow was proud to donate to Plastic Jesus’ efforts.

Sheets of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) are an ideal choice for face shields due to their clarity, rigidity and toughness. These sheets are impact, moisture and chemical-resistant, making them ideal for use in high risk medical environments, and easy cleaning afterwards. With this context in mind, and the excellent intent behind Plastic Jesus’s efforts, Goodfellow support for the project was an excellent fit.

In addition to creating the face shields, Plastic Jesus is also offering regular consumers eye-catching and effective faces masks designed by him. His Activated Charcoal face masks are made from the material neoprene, and are fitted with replaceable filters and adjustable nose clips for greatest impact and comfort.

For more information, please visit:


Instagram: @plasticjesus

Images: ©Plastic Jesus


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