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Kieran Devlin

Kieran Devlin, an artist from Bristol began observing materials that were transitioning out of society and becoming household waste as part of a University project. He noticed that there are hundreds of thousands of CDs that are currently gathering dust in homes across the UK which could be better utilised and transformed into everyday items.

As there are only a few selected recycle centres across the UK that can deal with CDs there is a general perception that throwing CDs in the bin is an easier option. Currently customers would have to pay postage to get the items delivered to a recycle centre. This is a massive issue as it often puts single families and small businesses off the idea of recycling which in return negatively affects the environment.

The whole infrastructure for recycling these items isn’t currently economical and as a result the CDs could remain in landfill for more than a million years. To change the current issue a new solution is needed which would provide free accessible centres across the UK for easy access to independent businesses and families.

Using thermal experimentation, Kieran developed an array of forms of CDs including broken and scratched CDs to change the characteristics. He then reprocessed them over six to eight months to develop and refine treatments and techniques to create different pieces. The result is RE:CD, a brand new composite material made from recycled CDs without epoxy or resin.

At an array of artist exhibitions including London Design Week and 100% Design, Kieran asked customers what they would like to see recycled CDs made into and what they are most likely to associate CDs with. Kieran has made and exhibited record players, knifes, tiles and is looking to expand his work into electric guitars, furniture and jewellery.

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